OSMOSIXS is the first sporting product in the world which is directly derived from the medical field.
It is the application of the patented LVM technology:
a molecular film retains active ingredient nanoparticles in the fabric, which are then released at a constant rate whilst the article is being worn.
The active ingredient charged into our products is called Carnosine and it delays the negative effects of lactic acid build-up in the muscles during physical exercise.
The Carnosine released by OSMOSIXS via transdermal osmosis is 100% absorbed, whereas an oral consumption of the substance leads to only 10% of it being metabolised.
Carnosine is not a performance-enhancing substance, it does not increase the muscle’s strength but allows for it to be fully developed for a longer period without cramps, muscle stiffness, and loss of strength which results from a build-up of lactic acid.
Once used, it is easy to recharge OSMOSIXS clothing with Carnosine by soaking the item in a water-based solution with the correct recharge dose. Use of the recharging dose on any other garments is completely ineffective.

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